The Center encourages the men in our area to consider joining Men Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Committee

DANBURY, CT, May 10, 2023— A group of men in the Greater Danbury community are banding together for one cause. These men call themselves the Men Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MADSV) Committee.

This committee, formed under The Center for Empowerment and Education (CEE), is aligning this Father’s Day and every other day to support CEE’s efforts to end interpersonal violence in the community. The group consists of dozens of male community leaders, including lawyers, doctors, elected officials, and business owners, who all believe they play a role in ending interpersonal violence in their community. “Historically, women have been at the front of the advocacy line, leading efforts to prevent and end interpersonal violence. It is time for men to be a change agent in the community and join that advocacy line. That is what this group is for.” Said Eric Eggan, a former prosecutor and Men Against Domestic Violence co-chair.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 1 in 3 women but about 1 in 4 men will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime. About 1 in 5 women and 1 in 13 men will experience sexual violence by an intimate partner. About 14% of women and 5% of men will experience stalking by an intimate partner. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, almost half (47%) of all transgender people have been sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. The community needs to understand that interpersonal violence affects all genders. The MADSV Committee understands that the community as a whole needs to get involved in putting a stop to interpersonal violence.

How can interpersonal violence be stopped? Members of the community can become upstanders instead of bystanders. People can learn and develop skills to intervene by interrupting situations before or during an incident. They can speak out against social norms that allow sexual and intimate partner violence to thrive. Anyone can become an ally to those who have experienced victimization by listening to them, believing them, and connecting them to resources available at CEE and similar agencies across the state.

Recently, CEE underwent a mission and vision update. The MADSV Committee believes that the updated mission reflects a greater purpose of to create safer communities free from interpersonal violence for all individuals in Northern Fairfield and Southern Litchfield Counties. As members of CEE’s community, the men of MADSV believe they must play a pivotal role in helping CEE reach that vision. “The system needs improvement, and we help advocate for change. We listen to the leaders and advocates in the field, hear their requests for change, and provide resources to The Center for Empowerment and Education to help their mission," said Eggan.

CEE thanks the members of MADSV for their commitment to the mission:

Eric J. Eggan, Esq.

Dr. Paul Fiedler

Greg Pepin

Dr. William Begg III

John Berisford

Senator Richard Blumenthal

David Cappiello

Ethan Carey

Dan Carter

Dr. Joseph Cleary

Paul Dinto

Monte Frank, Esq.

Hillel Goldman, Esq.

Irv Goldstein

Noel Hord

Reed Idriss

Matthew Knickerbocker

Joe Loth

Rudy Marconi

Gary Michael

Robin Montgomery

Stephen G. Rosentel

John Royce

Thomas J. Saadi, Esq.

Andy Sachs

Fred Savenelli, LPC

Jeremy Stein

Paul Steinmetz

Elvis Novas

Andy Sachs

If you are interested in becoming a change agent for your community, reach out to CEE at and click contact us

Submitted by Danbury, CT

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