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Why Small Businesses Matter

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You're IT JLB Digital Consulting!

Four questions with Jacques Bouchard, Owner of JLB Digital Consulting.

Why did you start your business?

I started my business in June 2018, after giving a one-month notice to my previous job at a digital marketing agency. I left my job with no real plan about what to do next, or with any job lined up. But when people found out I was available for freelance work, opportunities suddenly started coming in, and I found I was able to make enough money to be comfortable. Within a few months, I stopped applying for jobs and started focusing on building a business. About two years later, in April 2020, I officially registered my business as JLB Digital Consulting, LLC in the state of Connecticut, and have been proudly running it since - and am more successful and happy with my clients than ever!

What is your best-selling product/service?

I'm best known for my skills as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That's a fancy way of saying that I help people build their websites and other presences online to get as much visibility and traffic as possible from Google and other search engines. I also do a lot with helping business owners and marketers track their website's success and performance, maximize the business they get from their visitors, and make the website easy to use and accessible for people of any ability and on any device.

How many local businesses do you use to support your business (products and services) and can you name them?

There are not a lot of local businesses that do what I do or have products that would help me do my thing. I use Staples when I need a scanner and mine is on the fritz, and I do trust ZL Computers in Waterbury, CT when I hit a computer issue that I can't solve myself. More directly professionally, I'm a fan of Beacon Digital in Beacon, NY, and I've had good experiences with Townsquare Media Danbury, on our side of Brookfield, CT.

Have you 'reimagined' your small business?

CONSTANTLY. My industry is changing constantly, with new products, best practices, and skills to learn, and I have to keep training myself and staying on my feet in an ever-shifting landscape. Most recently, I've been adapting my business to the new challenges and opportunities of the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, which professionals in my area are using to automate many things that were once hours or even days of additional work. On a different note, after a recent health issue that put me partially out of commission for a few months, I also had to adjust my willingness to bring on a little help from time to time and remember that I can't always do all the work myself. Giving up control of your work and what represents your company can be very challenging!

Jacques Bouchard would like to nominate Mothership on Main in Danbury, and Carmine's Plumbing and Heating in Danbury to be featured next - "Mothership on Maine is my favorite cafe' in the area, and my go-to for when I've spent too much time working from home and need to get out around people. They have good wifi, lots of space with comfortable seating choices, and great food and beverages. Really friendly service too. Don't be fooled by the parking situation - people think the only spaces are in the front, but there's plentiful parking in the rear, and a rear entrance too, so you don't have to walk around the building.

Carmine's Plumbing and Heating is one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in the area and has been taking good care of my needs as a homeowner for more than ten years. They have a highly professional, amicable, and communicative process, and their work has held solid for me!"

JLB Digital Consulting is located in Danbury and you can find them on Yelp here and learn about Jacques via Linkedin here.

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