Toddlers, the elderly & everyone in between: The Women's Center can help

What comes to mind when you think of the Women’s Center? Is it their counseling services?  Does their education program in the high school’s pop into your head? Maybe you think of their 24-Hour Hotline for victims of both sexual assault and domestic violence. Even though I knew the Women’s Center provided all of these services, when I visited last week, I was surprised to find out the breadth of the aid the organization provides.

Located in the heart of downtown Danbury on West Street, the Women’s Center is one of only five organizations in Connecticut that offers support to both domestic violence and sexual assault victims. Their services do not stop there. The Women’s Center also provides assistance to residents of Danbury and the 12 surrounding towns who are going through other life crises.

The Women’s Center wants not only to help victims, but also to educate community members to understand the warning signs and red flags to prevent tragedies like domestic violence from happening in the first place. The education component alone covers everything from a Safe Touch program in preschools, to educating elderly people in nursing homes, and even guiding, advising, and educating members of SPHERE. The Women’s Center has done an outstanding job reaching and helping over 22,000 people through 800 programs.

The Center offers a remarkable amount of support to the community - support that never sleeps. People can call the hotline any day, any time, for anything from advice to guidance and support. Is your daughter being bullied? Do you have questions about how to deal with a friend you think is in an unhealthy relationship? The Women’s Center also provides support groups for people facing life’s challenges including divorce and even teens suffering with self-esteem issues.

What’s more, the Women’s Center provides on-site response to victims when and where they need it most. Expert staff will meet and provide support for victims at police stations, local universities, and area hospitals.

Crises like sexual assault and domestic violence occur across all socioeconomic classes, and victims should not have to suffer in silence. If you feel like you could use any of these services, the Women’s Center wants to help. You can call one of the following numbers or visit the website by clicking here.

(203) 731-5206 Domestic Violence Hotline

(203) 731-5204 Sexual Assault Hotline

(203) 731-5200 Counseling/Administrative Headquarters



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