Union Savings Bank and Foundation Donate $125,000 to Help Connecticut Residents Impacted by COVID-19



This brings total contributions to $275,000 in support of pandemic relief since March 31 

The Union Savings Bank Foundation has donated $100,000, and Union Savings Bank has added another $25,000 in contributions, to local organizations providing much-needed services to help residents of Western Connecticut combat the effects of COVID-19.  This brings the total to $275,000 that the Bank and Foundation have donated related to pandemic relief within the past month.

The USB Foundation reported on March 31 that it was awarding a $150,000 grant to the Nuvance Health Covid-19 Preparedness Fund, which benefits Danbury and New Milford Hospitals, which are both operated by Nuvance Health.

“We realize that there continues to be great need and an enormous amount of work going on to help the many sectors of our community impacted by this pandemic,” said Cynthia C. Merkle, President and CEO, Union Savings Bank. “By combining the financial resources of our bank and foundation, we are able to provide assistance to a wider range of organizations in need of funding so that they may be able to continue delivering aid to those directly affected by the Coronavirus.”

Union Savings Bank has made its $25,000 donation to the following four food pantries:

The USB Foundation has issued $100,000 in grants to the following organizations:

Merkle said that the funds have been expedited to all recipients in order to put the money to work as quickly as possible.

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