CityCenter Danbury Farmers’ Market Receives Grant from Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s Resiliency Fund

A $13,250 grant from the Fairfield County's Community Foundation’s (FCCF) COVID-19 Resiliency Fund will enable the CityCenter Danbury Farmers’ Market to make fresh produce accessible to people who might otherwise not have access to healthy food options.

The Danbury Farmers’ Market will run every Friday 10 am to 2 pm, from June 25th through October 29th at the Danbury Railway Museum.

Peggy Zamore, nutritionist and director of the market programs said, “Over the past twelve years, the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has awarded the Danbury Farmers’ Market Community Collaborative about $300,000. This significant level of funding is hugely appreciated by the Collaborative and the Danbury community. The goal is to provide not just subsistence food for calories, but nutritious high quality fresh food for health. Without Fairfield County's Community Foundation’s continued support, our health-promoting incentive programs would simply not be possible.”

Funding will also enable a pilot market produce delivery system for about 150 families in the school's Extended Learning Program who cannot access the market.

A variety of new incentivized access programs will continue to grow, including a YouTube channel for food education to increase knowledge about the best food for health with the goal of personal control over health. These programs provide resources and information needed to best utilize the market food. Pickup and delivery services to home-bound and COVID concerned people will also be expanded.

Zamore said, “This special funding will enable the DFMCC to amplify our response to the significant inequities in food security exposed and exacerbated by the pandemic. Funding will provide financial access to the fresh, high quality food with the right to choose the foods folks want to eat, in a COVID-safe environment”.

“Fairfield County’s Community Foundation is proud to support Danbury Farmers’ Market Community Collaborative. They work tirelessly to improve our community and we hope our contribution will inspire other to give in any way they can,” said Luis Guzman, Director, Immigrant Success Fund at FCCF.


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