Great Plain Elementary School is 2022 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence!

Danbury's Great Plain Elementary School has been recognized as a 2022 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

Congratulations to Superintendent Kevin Walston, Great Plain Principal Dr. K.A. Smith-Davis, and the fantastic school staff on this recognition. 

Located at 10 Stadley Rough Road, Great Plain Elementary is a Title 1 school.

About the school

Great Plain Elementary School believes in working with all stakeholders and community members to strengthen our students' academic and social-emotional growth. The staff members provide time for students to participate in a social-emotional group discussion daily. The school was awarded the nation's first "Be Kind" award. The "Be Kind" award is part of Ben's Bells, a foundation that symbolizes kindness and the power to touch another person's life while making a difference in the community.

The hardworking staff members provide community time weekly for students. The students discuss what makes a community successful, how to help others, and the importance of friendship; it just takes one to assist someone. Daily incorporation of programs including Character Education, "Whole Body Listening Larry at School," and "Choose Love" is used. As part of our culture and climate, students are expected to demonstrate and practice these strategies throughout the year to continue understanding the need to respect others.

In closing the achievement gap for the children at Great Plain Elementary School, the school and community develop a shared vision. The community often meets during the year to discuss concerns, goals, and what is needed to support all stakeholders. The community and staff members discuss student success, areas of concern, curriculum, growth/performance, and what everyone's vision is for the student of tomorrow. A successful school must depend on community partnerships and organizations to support learning and student growth.

Learn more about the school and this honor HERE.

*Image courtesy Great Plains Elementary School website.


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