Perfect Your Knife Skills with Chef Plum at Ergo Chef in Danbury

The Ergo Chef Knife Skills 101 Class is perfect for learning about proper knife use and hands on slicing and dicing etc. Join Chef Plum at Ergo Chef on Tuesday, April 25th between 7–8:45pm

Each participant will have their own cutting area and all items needed are provided by Ergo Chef. Chef Plum will teach you valuable knife skills, how to clean and maintain your knife edges and showcase different sharpening methods.

Chef Plum was born in Richmond Virginia, and graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. He has been featured on Food Network, local TV, radio and Jamie Oliver’s FOODTube. He hosts and Co-Produces Edible on The Road and keeps his food honest and simple, believing that everyone can get passionate about cooking from scratch.

Limited Tickets Available! Cost $18.00, to book CLICK HERE

Your Experience will Include:

  1. Professional Chef - Chef Plum as main instructor host / Michael Staib as Co-instructor.
  2. Valuable knife skills & care
  3. Ergo Chef cutlery will be provided for use in class, but feel free to bring your favorite knife if you have one.
  4. A Video of Chef Plum's knife skills will be available via a link we will send to all attendees once edited so you have a reminder on all you learned.
  5. Refreshments & light snacks will be served.
  6. You'll get $5.00 back from the ticket price when you purchase $20 or more from our discounted merchandise in our showroom.


Like most unique companies, Ergo Chef was founded serendipitously.

Scott Staib wasn’t supposed to make knives; he was supposed to be a chef. After his training at Johnson & Wales University, Scott set out to rise through the culinary ranks. His first stop was an ultra-swanky country club where he proved his mettle as the sauté and grill chef. Next was his gig as sous chef for Aramark Food Service Corporation. He was on the fast track in foodservice when he was sidelined by tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome—a result of the repetitive motion injuries caused by frequent chopping and slicing. Without a fully-functioning wrist, Staib could not cook his dinner, let alone advance his career.

He was not alone.

Scott found that he was not the only chef—professional or home—to suffer from tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. He enrolled his engineer brother, Mike, to help find the solution. They worked closely with designers at the family’s design and machining company in New England to examine how a conventional knife fits in a chef’s hand, the movement of a chef’s wrist and hand during chopping and the angle at which a knife hits the cutting board. Together, they crafted a knife that was a true extension of a chef’s hand.

Ergo Chef LLC, 4 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT 06810 / http://ergochef.com


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