Fairfield County Professionals Transitioning to Retirement: Event Announcement

Retirement Income Specialists to Host Free Financial Planning Event in Danbury

Danbury, CT: Financial planning firm Reby Advisors will host a series of seminars on retirement income planning titled The Transition from Career to Retirement: Are You Ready? starting October 25, 2018 at Ridgebury Corporate Center in Danbury, Connecticut.

People interested in signing up for the course can do so at: www.rebyadvsiors.com/events

“We continue to see people nervous about whether they’re prepared for retirement or not. Part of that anxiousness is being driven by fluctuation in the stock market, but most of it is simply the fact that transitioning into retirement is one of the biggest events in somebody’s life," said Doug Kuring, a Financial Advisor at Reby Advisors.

"Many of the decisions people make when they retire are permanent, and can have a negative financial impact on their lives if they don’t get them right. We designed this talk to ease some of that anxiety as well as give some clarity and direction.”

According to the company website, Kuring, the presenter, will cover the following information:

  • The 8 factors that determine how much income a household can generate in retirement
  • The “Total Return Approach” to investing that aims to capture all market opportunities
  • How many families are able to grow their portfolio during retirement even as they take withdrawals for income
  • How much money a retired household can spend annually without too great of a risk of running out of money
  • Risk management strategies for potential recessions and stock market crashes
  • How to withdraw money from accounts in a tax-efficient way

There will be seven seminars in total, including five evening events and two “lunch and learn” seminars. Food and beverages will be provided.

Members of the community are encouraged to RSVP for one of these free seminars at www.rebyadvsiors.com/events or by calling (203) 790-4949.


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