Workforce Opportunity Services at West Conn Graduates 10 Military Veterans

Veterans ready to enter corporate world with help from WCSU. Management and information technology training gives vets needed skills.

DANBURY, CONN. — After six months learning about project management and information technology at a satellite campus of Western Connecticut State University, 10 military veterans are ready for the corporate world.

On October 16, friends and families will watch as the 10 graduates receive their certificates that enable them to begin corporate careers, with some continuing their college education.

By participating with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS), a registered nonprofit company that affords young adults in inner-city, rural and underserved areas an opportunity to chart their own path to personal, professional and financial independence through scholarship programs, WCSU prepared veteran-students for the ins and outs of professional management at the Fortune 500 level.

The two-semester, six-month Certificate in Project Management training program also matched students with corporations where they received on-the-job training. Students are now encouraged to enter a bachelor's degree program paid for by WOS or the employer corporation.

Qualifying participants of the WOS program at Western must have a high school diploma, an honorable discharge and military service past 9/11/01.

For more information, contact WOS at (940) 224-4764 or apply at www.wforce.org.


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