Accessible Art Now Showing in Danbury and Bethel

The annual Accessible Art public exhibits sponsored by the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut have kicked off with showings at five venues in Danbury and Bethel.

The first shows of the year-long series run through April 19 at Danbury City Hall, CityCenter Danbury, Hodge Insurance, Hancock Hall and Bethel Library. Accessible Art exhibits will be shown throughout the region all year, with five different sets of artists. Artists in the first round are:

William Frucht of Danbury, Mindell Seidlin of New York, Terrence Tougas of New Milford, Ceal Swift of New Canaan, and the Candlewood Camera Club of Danbury are all displaying work.

William Frucht

Danbury City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Ave.

(203) 797-4511

“I want to show things that we pass by every day and don’t see because they’re too mundane to notice. I’m fascinated by photographs of streets from forty, fifty or more years ago showing scenes that were completely ordinary at the time but are now interesting because we never see things like that anymore.”

Mindell Seidlin

CityCenter Danbury, 268 Main St.

(203) 792-1711

“Collage and assemblage are ideal for reflecting the many layers of my personal and professional experience. My experiences as a physician, scientist, mother and member of a participatory Jewish community are the sources of the materials and imagery that I use and are also the scrim through which I view the world. That scrim sometimes illuminates and sometimes obscures the source materials.”

Terrence Tougas

Hodge Insurance

283 Main St., Danbury

(203) 792-2323

“I’ve always been interested in exploring the physical world around me. I credit this quality with leading me to a career in science and now a second ‘career’ in the arts. I have long held the view that creativity, inquisitiveness and analysis are equally important to the scientist and the artist.”

Ceal Swift

Filosa Convalescent/Hancock Hall – Opens December 17th

13 Hakim St., Danbury

(203) 794-9466

“My paintings are inspired by many years of travel to some very special places. I hope to take the viewer in to my painting and feel the same peacefulness I felt while painting.”

Candlewood Camera Club

Bethel Public Library

189 Greenwood Ave.

(203) 794-8756

Accessible Art exhibits will be shown throughout the region all year, with five different sets of artists.

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut is the heart of the region’s creativity to help communities connect and thrive. We are a 501C-3 and regional service organization serving 10-towns in the Greater Danbury area. Our aspiration is to improve access and growth of arts and culture to improve quality of life and the economy. The Connecticut Office of the Arts provides major support.


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