The Aldrich Care Boxes Featured in Forbes!

Ridgefield's Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum hasn't let the pandemic stop them from bringing their incredible exhibits to the public and Forbes took notice. They write, "The Aldrich has been experimenting with ways to bring art out of its white galleries, and into homes within the local community."

Enter the Aldrich Care Box. The public is invited to borrow one of five identical Aldrich Care Boxes and privately interact with the contents within a setting of their own desire for up to a week.

Forbes says, The box is a miniature museum, a viewing space, a crate,' says Senior Curator Amy Smith-Stewart, who along with Director of Education Namulen Bayarsaihan, conceived of the idea for the care boxes. There’s an opportunity to install these artworks in your own home, among your own things. 

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Aldrich Care Box is a year-long traveling exhibition unbound to a physical space. A unique collaboration between The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum’s Curatorial and Education Departments, Director of Education Namulen Bayarsaihan and Senior Curator Amy Smith-Stewart, have commissioned five artists—Ilana Harris-Babou, Clarity Haynes, Athena LaTocha, Curtis Talwst Santiago, and James Allister Sprang—to create a series of objects that examine themes of care, grief, intimacy, and healing through a diverse range of materials, methods, and approaches.

Reserve an Aldrich Care Box here.

Founded by art collector and fashion designer Larry Aldrich in 1964, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is one of the oldest contemporary art museums in the United States. The Museum is one of the few independent, non-collecting institutions in the country and the only museum in Connecticut solely dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art.