INSIGHTS for Educators Provides Effective Social-Emotional Learning Strategies for Early Learners

Let’s face it...we’re all coming out of the past year with social-emotional needs. Fortunately, there are programs that can help, such as INSIGHTS for Educators. With hopes for a more normal future ahead and all eyes on social-emotional learning (SEL) needs, INSIGHTS for Educators provides a bridge to aid teachers and students in understanding and communicating with each other.

Developed by Dr. Sandee McClowry, a prominent temperament researcher, INSIGHTS for Educators has been vetted through years of federally-funded studies and has launched in several states. The program features four engaging characters —representing the primary temperaments—who help all parties strategize effective responses to behavior. Children are often dominant in one temperament. By identifying a child’s temperament, educators can better connect with a child and teach them strategies to self-regulate.

INSIGHTS for Educators will be featured at the upcoming virtual U.S. Department of Education’s 8th Annual Ed Games Expo, June 1 through June 6. The program’s characters are portrayed by loveable puppets who will play a prominent role in opening the Expo and will appear throughout the week. With all eyes on the student’s SEL needs in the coming year, this is the perfect time for educators to familiarize themselves with this proven, data-driven program and learn strategies designed to facilitate smooth communication and more cooperation.

Dr. McClowry explained that understanding temperament is helpful for any child, but that the
program “...has shown especially strong results with kids who are shy or who have challenging temperaments.” After stressing that the program goes out of the way not to use the term ‘ADHD,’ Dr. McClowry explained that INSIGHTS for Educators has been pointedly successful with children who may have been diagnosed as such. With this program, the foundation of which is acceptance, “...you learn to
recognize a child’s temperament and then rather than trying to change them, you work with
them to regulate it,” according to Dr. McClowry.

For a fascinating peek at the program’s successes, research, and more information, visit https://insightintervention.com To learn more about the upcoming Ed Games Expo, go to: https://ies.ed.gov/sbir/2021EdGamesExpo.asp

INSIGHTS will be featured in the 2021 ED Games Expo Kick-Off Show on Tuesday, June 1 at 8:00 PM EST and the INSIGHTS master class for educators is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2 at 9:00 PM EST.


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