The Benefits of Green Tea for Breast Cancer Patients

Connecticut Breast Imaging is dedicated to caring for each patient throughout a cancer journey, from initial testing and diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

A healthy diet and consumption of foods that may boost their immune system and overall health is a crucial part of the journey. We like to share information, such as this article on the benefits of green tea, to help our patients consider a variety of positive behaviors to aid them during their recovery.

Green tea is known to have several benefits for the body. It can increase fat burning, improve brain function, and lead to a longer and healthier life. People with cancer often use green tea because of its antioxidant properties. Especially for breast cancer patients, green tea is a popular supplement that people take alongside their cancer treatment.

To learn more about the benefits of green tea, its origins and how to make it, read the full article by visiting Connecticut Breast Imaging’s blog here or call 203.426.3002.


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