This Week in the City: Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito Talks Parking Enforcement with City UNIT

This Week in the City, I am joined by the City of Danbury UNIT (Unified Neighborhood Inspection Team) to discuss parking enforcement.

The UNIT addresses concerns ranging from illegal parking, blighted properties, illegal apartments, unregistered vehicles, neighborhood nuisances, unpermitted construction and overcrowded, and unsafe living conditions.

Recently, the UNIT has seen an uptick in vehicles parked on sidewalks. This creates an unsafe situation where pedestrians and kids are forced to walk in the street. Commercial vehicles are also not permitted to park on residential streets after 9:00pm, as fire or police vehicles may not be able to get past large trucks in the event of an emergency.

The goal of the UNIT is to keep Danbury safe and preserve our residents' quality of life. Every attempt is made to educate residents on Danbury’s rules and regulations before a violation is cited.

The UNIT will be increasing patrols and enforcement in the coming weeks, and residents are encouraged to help us keep our neighborhoods safe and avoid a ticket.


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