Salt of the Earth Spa Welcomes Salt Cave Yoga Instruction With Ellen Barrett

The popular Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa in Woodbury recently welcomed yoga instructor Ellen Barrett to conduct breathing-centric classes within the Salt Cave on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. The classes are open to anyone interested in yoga at any level of experience.

Utilizing techniques typical to Beach Yoga, the class begins with seated pranayama to control the breath and seated stretches. Participants then move into a simple standing flow, and the class finishes with a guided meditation and silent relaxation, all conducted within the salt cave.

“The goal of this yoga,” explains Ms. Barrett, “is to energize the body, calm the nervous system, inspire an individual’s spirit, and cleanse the body’s airways. These classes innately offer a sense of nurturing to participants which is maximized by the benefits of the natural vibrations of the Himalayan salt crystals and healthy ions that emanate from the distinctive salt cave environment.”

Ellen Barrett brings to the Salt of the Earth Spa her well-known workout video creation capabilities which include her best-selling “Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates and Yogini Workout.” Ms. Barrett is also the author of four wellness books, including her most recent, “The 28 Days Lighter Diet (Skirt! 2014)”. Her forte is in combining the mind with body movements for wellness.

Susan Martovich co-creator and co-owner of the Salt of the Earth Spa, states, “We created this Sanctuary at Salt of the Earth Spa to embrace the three elements that create a life force for the human body: salt, water, and light. Yoga is a natural addition to all the services we currently offer within the cave environment.

“This spa is designed as a sanctuary that allows people to find a way to let go of the outer world so they can focus on what they can take care of for themselves. Relieving stress is paramount in current times, and our unique salt cave offers a secluded, restful, healing space where people can go inward and pay attention to their own bodies, minds and spirits, and nothing more.”

Costs of the Salt Cave Yoga with Ellen are $30 for a single class, and $20 for a salt therapy session plus $10 for one Yoga class which offers a savings of 50% on the salt therapy session. The Yoga classes are also offered in packages of three for $72, and packages of five for $105.

The Salt of the Earth Spa is located in one of Woodbury’s newest shopping centers at 787 Main Street South in Woodbury next to Dottie’s Diner.

To register, call 203-586-1172, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit https:///clients.mindbodyonline.com or www.naturalsalthealing.com.



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