Rogers Park students participate in national math competition

Twenty-six students at Rogers Park Middle School competed in the Noetic Learning Math Contest on Thursday for a chance at national recognition for their problem-solving skills.

There were 120 sixth-grade students from Rogers Park who entered the semiannual math contest for elementary and middle school students. The contest encourages students’ interest in math, develops problem-solving skills and inspires them to excel. The students will find out how they did today by early December. The top 50 percent of all students taking the test nationwide will be listed by name on Noetic’s website. If a school team places in the top 10 percent, the school receives a plaque. This is the first year Rogers Park students have participated in the competition.

Rogers Park sixth-grade math teacher Kim Moran administered the test. The students had 45 minutes in which to solve 20 problems.

“They are really excited,” Moran said. “One student spent three hours studying for it.”

Students who competed in the first level of the competition were required to solve “outside the box” type problems in a limited timeframe. The problems were challenging, requiring students to notice connections and patterns, find combinations and utilize organized strategies to find a solution. 


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