WCSU defends Mole Bowl championship title

Western Connecticut State University competed and won in the western Connecticut division of the American Chemical Society ninth annual Chemistry Bowl at Sacred Heart University in celebration of National Mole Day on Monday, Oct. 23. WestConn has competed in the championship every year and has won in 2010, 2016 and 2017.

The Chemistry Bowl is a trivia-style competition that covers topics from all chemistry disciplines. The members of WestConn's winning team are Erica Frisco, of Cheshire; Nathaniel Nisly, of New Fairfield; Julio Bernal, of Brookfield; and Damian Esposito, of Danbury. Frisco, Nisly and Bernal are seniors majoring in biochemistry and Esposito is a senior majoring in chemistry. After graduation, Frisco aspires to teach biochemistry at the high school level, Esposito plans to work in the chemical industry, Nisly will attend graduate school for a doctoral degree in materials chemistry and Bernal will pursue a doctorate in chemistry.

WestConn Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Nicholas Greco supported the student competitors.

"The victory was very much a team effort," Greco said. "All of the students correctly answered a number of questions along their way to victory. The final round was a landslide. The Mole Bowl is a wonderful experience for our students to see how they stack up against the other schools in the area."

He added, "The students did it all.  They organized the group, they competed and won.  I was only there to drive them and offer my support as a fan."

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