Danbury Author Dr. John R. Patrick Pens New Book About Robots

Danbury author and former Ridgefield resident, Dr. John R. Patrick has just published a new book about robots and artificial intelligence.

Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better is his sixth book in the “It's All About Attitude” Series. Patrick says, “Robots and AI are coming, and they are coming fast. The question is should we fear them or embrace them?” Like all of Patrick’s books, Robot Attitude presents a practical, creative and easy to understand book about a complex topic. Robots and AI will affect every aspect of our daily lives and of organizations of every kind.

Robot Attitude outlines many examples of how robots and AI are having a positive impact in healthcare, manufacturing, farming, banking, insurance, and in the home. The new technologies do present dangers in the future, and Patrick takes them head-on with a logical analysis of how millions of new jobs will be created but many more millions will be eliminated. He explains policy alternatives for addressing the issue with appropriate pros and cons. Without the sensationalist headlines, Patrick offers a glimpse of the future we all should understand.

Ronald H. Gruner, Founder, Alliant Computer and Shareholder.com, summed it up well. “Robot Attitude, John Patrick’s latest book in his renowned Attitude Series clearly and concisely discusses the three areas where intelligent robots will have an impact: use of robot technology, their future impact on humankind, and how we humans can manage the transition. It’s required reading for anyone interested in what will likely be the greatest transition humankind has yet undergone.”

As a companion to the new book, Patrick has introduced a new website, robotattitude.info which serves as a companion to the book. It has a wealth of interesting videos, articles, and courses for those who want to learn more. Meet the Author and Book Signing events will be held at various local organizations to be announced shortly.


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