Lynx Scooters Take New Milford

Lynx electric scooters are on a roll in New Milford, the first town in Connecticut to hop onto this hip micro-mobile form of transportation that’s growing in popularity in communities across the country. This year riders took 38.5 million trips in 50 municipalities across the US. “Micro mobility transportation is gaining in popularity because it’s easy, affordable, energy-efficient and attractive to professional: suit and tie, no sweat,” says Alan Moisio, Lynx’s CEO.

Here’s how it works: You rent the scooters using a smartphone app, and then pick it up and drop it off at one of fifty conveniently located docking stations in town. Sleek and smooth handling, Lynx electric scooters whizzing down the by-ways at 15 mph are not those playground skimmers of yore. Throw on a backpack, tap your phone and rent one for just a buck. After that, it’s 23 cents per minute, $25 per day or $50 per week.

Says David Harvey, COO, of the Bethel-based company, “I am encouraged and thrilled at our reception here in New Milford. In the first four days, we racked up over 300 rides. We’re experiencing a micro-mobility revolution and New Milford is just the beginning. We strongly believe in a more sustainable lifestyle for communities like this one and plan on launching our next fleet in Florida late 2019 and expanding throughout Connecticut this coming spring”.

Also encouraged and thrilled is New Milford’s Mayor Pete Bass, who welcomes this trendy new form of transportation to his town, “With Lynx available, we are able to provide alternative last mile transportation options to our residents and tourists. This is a 100% green mode of transportation and offers new ways to explore the local businesses community and our beautiful downtown. And they’re locally operated…a real plus.”

 The first of Lynx’s 300 customers was town resident Dan Stra who reports on his journey,” I loved the experience. It was perfect for downtown travel. The setup was as easy as setting up any other app-based service. Just create an account with payment method, load, then tap the reader to QR-code in the scooter and you’re good to go. Above all, it was fun, fun, fun. While the downtown area is easy to cover on foot, the experience on a Lynx scooter will draw me to “scouting” around town more often.”

 Along with residents and tourists, the business community is also welcoming Lynx with open arms. Says Tony Vengrove, Founder and CEO of Makery Coworking, a company that rents shared workspace to freelancers and startup groups: “We’re excited to have access to Lynx scooters at Makery Coworking. Beyond the sheer entertainment value of riding the scooters, I think many of our members, including myself, will use them to expand our lunch options or run errands that fall between walking and driving.”

 Lynx City is located at 102 Wooster Street, Bethel, Ct. For more info, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 475-529-6029


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