Twelve Year Old Danbury Resident Starts Frankies Woodworking, Deemed Community Hero

While we have been overwhelmed with all of the kindness and support from the Danbury community, Danbury PD wants to single out this amazing community hero who has blown our minds!

Frankie, a 12 year old student in the Danbury School System, donated lunch to the #DPD made by the West Side Deli. What makes this so special is that Frankie paid for these meals entirely with his own money, which he has earned from selling his own woodworking projects!

Frankie started learning about tools and machines at an early age and that’s when the love for building things started.

In December, he came up with the idea to make and sell items, while raising money for different charities and community heroes. At Christmas time, he made wooden trees and donated some for children, nurses, and doctors at Hartford Children’s Hospital. Also for Christmas, he purchased clothes, sneakers, and a book bag for a fellow classmate. Since then, he has continued to make wooden hearts, bird feeders, and bunnies.

Frankie’s donations have helped feed multiple Danbury classmates/families and had lunch served to 50 hospital workers in April.

Frankie is a true inspiration for us all because he truly loves helping and supporting the Danbury community. Please follow his projects and see what charities he gives to on his page Frankies Woodworking.

We couldn't be more proud of you Frankie, thank you for all you have done for our community! 


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