Danbury Fire Department brings insurmountable joy to resident on her 95th birthday!

Happy 95th Birthday, Theresa!

Up until a few weeks ago, the Danbury Fire Department was doing fire engine drive by's for birthdays, mostly for children, as a way to bring joy to these special occasions during the quarantine.

Danbury Fire Department explains that a dear friend of the department was celebrating her 95th birthday and the firefighters wanted to honor so they paraded past her home in their red, shiny engines. 

And...in giving you receive. The Department was touched by the heartfelt note they received from this grateful resident who sent a handwritten note to the Department. 

I feel very important and honored with all of the attention for my 95th birthday...You made an immigrant woman feel like she was on top of the world. I'll have you in my heart forever -Theresa

*Images courtesy Danbury Fire Department Facebook Page


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