Immaculate High School Student Combines Passion for Dance and Scouting

Ethan Beaulac's Eagle Scout project has proved essential for dance students and teachers during COVID-19

Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance (RCD) student Ethan Beaulac is no stranger to hard work, and he applies it across disciplines ranging from dance, football, theater, and most recently, through the pursuit of his Eagle Scout badge. Ethan is a long-time Boy Scout of the Scatacook Yankee Council.

When Ethan set out to become an Eagle Scout, he looked no further than the nonprofit dance studio, a place where he studied ballet and tap and had roles in RCD’s Nutcracker, playing Darth Vader in their contemporary story ballet The Force, and performed as a member of their esteemed Ridgefield Civic Ballet.  

Ethan said, "When it was time for my Eagle Scout project, I knew I wanted it to be for the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance. I wanted to give back to this amazing community which means a lot to me,  helped foster my creativity and I have been fortunate to be a part of for many years."

RCD Chairman of the Board Mr. Howard Turner, also founding Chairman of Ridgefield Academy, who holds the status of Eagle Scout himself remarked, “From one Eagle Scout to another, thank you, Ethan, for making your Eagle Scout project something so valuable and helpful to RCD where you’ve been such an active, long-term member of our community. Being an Eagle Scout epitomizes service to others — congratulations on your commitment and achievement!” 

Ethan built benches, complete with cubby storage units for the nonprofit dance studio. Ethan’s design has helped Ridgefield Conservatory adhere to CDC guidelines during the pandemic. “Because he created the storage benches as easily mobile free-standing pieces, the cubbies have been easily repurposed inside each of RCD’s three studios, allowing for safe storage of belongings after students are checked in.  Faculty wipe down the storage cubbies between each class as part of their rigorous safety protocol,” says Piantaggini. 

According to Piantaggini, Ethan’s innovative design provides needed space for dancers who are who, due to COVID, are no longer permitted to use the dressing room or lounge. “When COVID came about, new challenges were presented when studios and offices were closed.  Since students were suddenly not permitted to utilize lounge/dressing areas per CDC recommendations, the cubbies are essential.”

Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dance education center. Visit them at ridgefielddance.org

Photos by James Tschudy


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