Danbury Students Dominate at Virtual National Karate Tournament

Han Dol Martial Arts students competed at United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation's Virtual National Championships on October 17th, 2020.

A total of 17 Students from Han Dol of Danbury came home with first and second out of nearly 400 competitors nationwide.  Due to the pandemic, the event was held for the first time virtually via ZOOM.  

Watch a clip of our 2003 Nationals here.

Congratulations to everyone that placed:

Live Hyung Competition:

1st Place Orange 7-8 yr old - Kavish B
2nd Place Orange 7-8 yr old - Nik K
1st Place Orange 11-14 yr old - Preethika S
1st Place Green 9-10 yr old - Tyce C
1st Place Red Teen - Kailah C

PreRecorded Hyung Competition:

1st Place White 6 and under - Suhas B
2nd Place White 8 yr old - Dinesh L
1st Place White Adult - Ramesh K
1st Place Orange 7 Ki Cho - Anushka S
2nd Place Orange 7 Ki Cho - Krish K
1st Place Orange 12-14 - Preethika S
2nd Place Green 10 - Tyce C
1st Place Red 12b - Aarush L
1st Place Red 13-14 - Kailah C
2nd Place Sam Dan Adult - Eric C

PreRecorded Breaking Competition:

1st Place Green 9-12 - Tyce C
1st Place Red 13-17 - Kailah C


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