New Milford native has miles to go before she sleeps: Miles for Climate

New Milford native and 2015 U Conn grad, Hannah Bacon is currently crossing the country - on foot- to raise awareness for climate change.

Three thousand miles - each step to support Sunrise Movement, youth-led nonprofit fighting for renewable energy, green jobs, equity in environmental justice, and achieving net-zero carbon emissions in the next ten years.

Bacon had an epiphany moment after she lost her job due to COVID.

On her website Miles for Climate, she talks about why she decided to embark on the journey of a lifetime. "I have no children, am unemployed due to Covid and lucky to have a small amount saved for the journey, and I walk this earth in white skin that allows me to feel safe in most places."

She continues, "I am walking across the United States because I believe in a sustainable future. This journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic is a fundraiser for climate action, a protest against fossil fuels, and an effort to reduce my carbon footprint. With your support, we can make a huge impact in the fight against the climate emergency!"

100% of contributions will be donated to Sunrise Movement.

Follow Hannah's journey and support her heroic efforts by clicking here.

*Image courtesy Hannah 


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