First Lady of Danbury Liz Cavo Donates Emergency Kits to K9s

Liz Cavo, and her husband Mayor Joe Cavo, donated emergency kits to the Danbury Police Department, curated by Liz herself.
What began as curiosity led to the creation of emergency kits for all three Danbury K9s: Dirk, Cael, and Gunner. Each of the officers who handle the K9s are now equipped with TacMed K9 Handler Trauma Kits, oxygen masks, and Narcan.
Liz, who has a background as a trauma nurse, reached out to the Police Department to learn what resources were available for the dogs. When she realized some additional items could be helpful, she and Mayor Joe set out to create individual backpacks for each handler to keep on hand.
The items in the kit are for the dogs but much of it can also be used for people in case of emergency. While Mayor Cavo and Liz are happy to provide these kits to the K9s, their biggest hope is that they never have to use them.
“I wanted to do something for our police department, and some people forget that our K9s are officers, too,” said Liz. “There are times when we need a little more assurance that things are taken care of for all of our officers.”


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