Breast Imaging For Transgender Patients

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines for Transgender Females

Current screening recommendations in the transgender female population vary according to the age of the individual and other risk factors including the duration of hormone therapy. Generally, advocates recommend annual or biennial screening starting at age 50 years for individuals who have taken hormone therapy for a minimum of 5 years.

The American College of Radiology recommends that transgender women with risk factors who have been receiving hormone therapy for more than 5 years follow the breast cancer screening guidelines for natal females. In addition, transgender women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer should also begin screenings earlier and more frequently.

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines for Transgender Men

Transgender men with preserved breast tissue (ie, reduction mammoplasty or no breast surgery) should undergo the same risk assessment as natal females, as the same risk factors apply – including BRCA mutations, chest irradiation, and family history of breast cancer. Thus, it is proposed that presurgical transgender men follow the established breast cancer screening guidelines for natal females.

Breast cancer risk is markedly diminished in transgender men who undergo bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy, as supported by studies showing an almost 90% risk reduction in natal females with risk factors. However, the residual risk remains higher than that of natal males. Current guidelines recommend an annual clinical and physical examination and/or discussion with your provider. 

At Connecticut Breast Imaging, we respect all patients, and aim to provide the most accurate, considerate and comprehensive care possible. In addition, we have experience working with transgender patients and the specific challenges of breast cancer screenings for this community. 

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