Danbury Municipal Leaders to Vote on House Bill 5765

Danbury Legislators expected to vote on Federal Employees Bill after state gives the greenlight

Danbury municipal leaders are expected to vote on House Bill 5765 – An Act Establishing the Federal Shutdown Affected Employees Loan Program and Providing Additional Assistance to Federal Employees at the next City Council meeting.

If this bill is signed into law, municipalities will be able to establish a program to defer due dates for any affected federal government employee’s real and personal property or motor vehicle taxes, or water or sewer rates, charges or assessment payments. Mayor Mark Boughton urges the Senate and the Governor to pass this bill. The Mayor is expected to present the request to the City Council in February in order to assist the federal employees in the City of Danbury.

“This is common sense legislation,” said Mayor Boughton. “I urge our legislators and Governor to adopt this bill. Many Danbury residents who work for the federal government have already been affected by this shutdown. This law will provide a small measure of empathy for a situation that is not of their own making.”


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