Danbury Democrat releases petition urging Boughon to support stricter gun laws

Danbury Democratic mayoral candidate Chris Setaro released a petition Friday calling on Mark Boughton to support universal background checks and other gun reform measures. 

Setaro also issued a statement this week calling out Boughton for his failure to sign a letter from the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ demanding action on national gun safety. Boughton is a member of the group and a former member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization he left shortly before his gubernatorial bid. 

"Connecticut is a leader on gun safety legislation, and our laws are models for the nation that Congress should adopt. It hasn't. With the United States plagued by mass shootings, more and more of which are based on extreme hate, this is no time for leaders to be silent. We have more guns than people, and we far outpace the world in gun violence. Gun laws work because states like Connecticut with the strongest gun laws have fewer acts of gun violence," said Setaro. “Every Mayor should sign this letter and send a strong signal that we need federal action now.”

The letter specifically urges that the Senate pass H.R. 112 and H.R. 8; H.R. 8, strengthening the background check system and closing loopholes in the law including prohibiting unlicensed transfers of guns through unregulated secondary sales and increasing law enforcement’s ability to trace crime guns.

“Mayor Boughton, a Member of the US Conference of Mayors and a former member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns until 2014 when he quit the group during his failed gubernatorial campaign, owes the people of Danbury an explanation for why he hasn’t joined a bipartisan group of mayors from across the country in calling for action on common-sense national gun safety legislation,”  Setaro said.

A copy of the petition can be found here