I-84 Motor Vehicle Accident in Danbury Leaves Two with Serious Injuries

Late Monday night, Danbury Fire Dispatch received multiple calls for a reported motor vehicle rollover with possible entrapment on I-84 Eastbound prior to exit 3. Upon arrival, a vehicle along with 200 feet of guard rail and one highway light pole were found to be severely damaged.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the occupants were no longer in the vehicle but not in sight of the accident. Crews made the vehicle safe and initiated a primary search of the area utilizing multiple Thermal Imaging Cameras, hand lights and scene lighting from Rescue 1. Crews were organized into a search line scanning the woods and wetlands area along the highway. Minutes later at approximately 75 yards from the scene of the accident, the first victim was located in a shallow depression. Once packaged, he was assisted to the roadside for treatment.

The search continued finding a second victim 25 to 30 yards from the first victim in a pool of water with a minor head injury along with signs of moderate to severe hypothermia. A Technical Rescue was initiated to remove the victim from the wetlands area up the steep embankment to the waiting EMS units.

Both victims were transported to Danbury Hospital under advanced life support. 

Connecticut State PoliceConnecticut DOT and City of Danbury Police Department all assisted at the scene.


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