Shelter Rock School Student Aids Danbury Police in Finding Injured Hiker in Tarrywile Park

On October 14th at 4:47pm Danbury 911 received a 911 call reporting an injured hiker in Tarrywile Park.

Fire, Police, and EMS units set up at the entrance to the park and set up a Command Post. The 911 callers position was plotted on our maps by dispatch, and a combined crew of 8 Firefighters, 2 Police officers, and a Paramedic made their way into the woods via the Fire Dept Utility Terrain Vehicle (Ranger 1), as well as one from Tarrywile Park Authority.

A young hiker had fallen from a rock outcropping and suffered a serious fracture of the leg. While on the way in, the hikers' brave 8 year old cousin, spoke to the incident commander via cell phone, describing the injury and assisting the crew in locating the family in the woods.

Within 30 minutes, the crew found the victim and family, tended to the injured hiker, and evacuated him to an awaiting ambulance, and on to the hospital.

The 8 year old boy, who's name is Chris, goes to Shelter Rock School, was instrumental in relaying valuable information to the rescuers. His Mom was very proud of her son, and said it would be ok to mention her son in our comments and photo below.


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