Attention Danbury: Important Information About Your Drinking Water

The Danbury Water Department reports that the City water system recently violated a drinking water standard. Please read their message below.

Although this was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened, what you should do and what was done to correct this situation.

We routinely monitor your water for turbidity (cloudiness). This tells us whether we are effectively filtering the water supply. Water samples for the compliance period showed that 5.8% of turbidity measurements exceeded 0.30 turbidity units. The standard is that no more than 5% of samples may exceed 0.30 turbidity units per month.

What should I do?

You do not need to boil your water or take other corrective actions. However, if you have specific health concerns, consult your doctor. People with severely compromised immune systems, infants, and some elderly may be at increased risk and should seek advice from their health care providers.

What does this mean?

This is not an emergency. If it had been, you would have been notified immediately. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets drinking water standards and has determined that the presence of turbidity is a possible health concern. Turbidity has no direct health effects. However, turbidity can interfere with disinfection and provide a medium for microbial growth. Turbidity may indicate the presence of disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea and associated headaches.

What is being done? 

The algal bloom causing the turbidity problem was treated.  The water quality in the reservoir improved within a few days resulting in a return to normal turbidity levels.

If you have any questions please contact: The Danbury Water Dept. at 203-797-4539.

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