Why Community Matters in Danbury: Find Out How Monika Nowak is Finding Joy and Connectivity

Why Community Matters

Local creativity is overflowing in communities as moms, dads, small business owners, nonprofit leaders and volunteers are finding new ways to communicate in this new world of social isolation. Their coping strategies and ingenuity is beyond inspiring! 

We are proud to introduce you to these innovators in “Why CommunityMatters”, a series made possible by LIFEWTR.

Meet Monika Nowak, Danbury resident, personal trainer, nutrition coach and owner of Power Nutrition CT.

With the new norm of practicing social distancing, how are you finding creative ways to connect with family and friends?

Since I am Polish and have friends and family members all over Europe, including some of the most affected countries such as Italy and Germany, video calls have been my daily go-to. I do my rounds of calls using various apps: I call my mom in Poland on Messenger, my dad in Germany on Skype, my brother and his family on FaceTime, and my best friend in Italy on What's up. Today for the first time, I'm going to attempt using FaceTime or Zoom for a video group call with friends that are in various US states. 

Can you tell us if you or any of your colleagues are doing creative things at home to find joy and inspiration?

I have been walking a lot with my dog these days, enjoying the outdoors. I have also been exclusively cooking at home so I've been experimenting with different recipes that include pantry staples such as beans, canned foods, and frozen vegetables. I also started to paint so I fill my time watching instructional videos and trying to do it on my own.  

Do you know of any local businesses or nonprofits innovating to serve communities during this difficult time? How?

I love how all local gyms are offering workout videos and live sessions open to the public free of charge. I have personally stepped up my social media presence to guide the public in this difficult time and offer free tips, articles and videos on how to stay healthy and what to focus on during this stressful time. I also admire what the restaurants are doing, offering deliveries and curbside pick up. 

Learn more about Monika and her company Power Nutrition CT online here.

Community matters - now more than ever. We are thankful to LIFEWTR for helping us to connect and stay strong.

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