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A Brooklyn native, transplanted to Connecticut in the late 1960's. I took up residency in Danbury in the mid 1980's.

In Brooklyn I founded and edited my first News paper, The Weekly Peanut. Our humble beginnings as a ¼ sheet mimeographed on two sides expanded into the school paper and a 12 page edition covering the 1965 East coast blackout. By 1966 we scaled back our efforts which became my second publication The Monthly Eagle. After moving to Newtown, Conn. I eventually joined with others to form the 'alternate' High School paper. In college I was active with WXCI News and won an Associated Press Honorable Mention Award for my coverage of the Newtown Teachers strike.

I am an Arts Manager trained in New York city at the Performing Arts Management Institute and the WCSU Ancell School of Business. I worked at many things, volunteer firefighter, advancing to Chief of the Dodgingtown Volunteer Fire Company (exempt), former Advanced first aid instructor and EMT. I produced a number of cabarets, was technical director for Danbury's Shakespeare in the Park and founded Musicals at Richter. As a project manager for Fortune 500 companies, I specialize in new product development. 

But enough about me. How about you? Let me help tell your story.




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Mr. Z is a life-long multitasker with decades of experience in new technology, including radio, media, music, advertising, sales and marketing, plus copywriting and newswriting and social media.

As a high-school news reporter for The Hartford Courant's "Parade of Youth" magazine, Tom Zarecki used his early interest in news coverage to get jobs writing and talking at local radio stations. He parlayed these jobs into on-air announcing and news reporting positions at local radio stations WINE, WLAD, WXCI, WAXB, WREF, WMNR and WDAQ (98Q).


While still in college, Tom worked as a studio technician at WABC MusicRadio 77 and WPLJ-FM Rock'n'Stereo radio stations in New York City.

He also was the founder of Soundtrack Entertainment, a Danbury-based mobile DJ company where he was the DJ/MC/host at over 1,000 events over 20 years.

Tom was also co-founder, program director and very first morning show DJ at WRKI (I-95FM) radio in Danbury.

He later travelled the USA, coaching radio managers in 35 states, wrote monthly columns for Radio Ink and Talkers magazines, and spent 14 years as marketing director and spokesperson for Radio Computing Services (RCS), an international software firm based in NY. For RCS, besides USA travel, they sent him to events in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Currently, Tom is an adjunct professor at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury and advises their campus radio station, WXCI-FM. He's also the weekly DJ/host of "The Weekend Wakeup Show" Saturday mornings at WJMJ-FM radio in Hartford CT.

Tom also works closely with Gregory Wencek, editor of HamletHub's Danbury North region, to make sure stories in Danbury get the coverage they deserve.



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Ms. Starr is HamletHub Danbury's entertainment reporter chosen to report on events, lifestyle and upcoming happenings within Danbury.

As a long-time resident of greater Danbury, CT, Janene has spent many occasions seeing concerts and other entertainment events in Danbury (and all over Connecticut, for that matter) and has grown quite accustomed to the local music scene.

As an advocate of the arts, Janene's main objective is to find the hidden gems of Connecticut culture and bring them to readers. The twenty-one year old currently studies advertising and production at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

When she is not busy working or writing, Janene enjoys playing guitar and hosting her own college radio show on WMAR/Marist Radio, the campus radio station. To visit Janene's Facebook page for her radio program, click here: WMAR Marist College Radio.





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Who am I?  I am a local. Yes, born and raised in Danbury, Connecticut.

Despite my teenage angst, I did indeed come back to my hometown after college and realized it's not so bad. In fact, I kind of like it here.

I started out in print journalism, and then realized it was not the career for me. Since then I've had a varied career path – receptionist, technical writer and college counselor. Plus, I earned some extra degrees because when in doubt go back to school.

In 1999 I partnered with my future husband, Renato, to start a video production company, RmediA. Over 14 years later we're still doing our thing and just recently moved our studio to Main Street in Danbury.

Basically, here's what I do: I eat. I drink. I write about it.  That's it.  

Outside of work, I write the food blog Local Food Rocks, where I share seasonal recipes and videos as well as restaurant reviews and events. I am a passionate home cook on a mission to inspire and encourage people to know where their food comes from, to know what's in it and to savor the flavors of fresh, local ingredients.

You see, back in the summer of 2005 I started to think about what I eat and where my food comes from. I always considered myself a healthy person, but then I started reading food labels. I was shocked at what I was unknowingly putting into my body; things I couldn't pronounce and way more processed sugar than I thought possible. That's when I decided I needed to raise my awareness and take control.

Avoiding processed ingredients, I began buying more organic and whole foods and started going to local farmer's markets. Things not only tasted better and I felt better too. I couldn't wait to share my excitement for this way of eating with everyone. Thus, my video series The Natural Princess and my blog Local Food Rocks were born.

I have done live cooking demos, most recently at The Taste of Danbury. I write a culinary column for The Tribuna and was named a Local Food Champion on Fresh Nation. Previously, I contributed a novice gardening column/diary to the website Local In Season.

You could say I am always up for some good food and for telling a good story. I look forward to sharing my local food adventures with Hamlet Hub readers.

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