Malloy wants to keep General Electric Headquarters in Connecticut

There has been a host of speculation as of late regarding General Electric (GE) moving their corporate headquarters out of Connecticut.

Governor Dannel Malloy, during a press conference yesterday, confirmed that he has indeed been talking with GE. Malloy expressed a willingness to work with the corporation. "We would like them to remain in the State," Malloy said.  


“I have had some discussions with GE. They’re going through a process with respect to where their headquarters may be. That’s a decision for them to make," said Malloy. He added, "I stand ready to work with them on issues of concerns and remain competitive with other states."

Malloy says that Connecticut presented their plan to GE, as did several other states. "If it leads to any transactions, you will get the details," he said. 

GE has headquarters in Fairfield, CT.


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