Wooster School’s 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Visits The Aldrich Museum

Wooster School’s Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades visited The Aldrich Museum earlier this month to participate in the ArtWrite Program. This is the first year of our Aldrich-Wooster Partnership, a school-wide initiative that uses contemporary art as a catalyst for critical and creative thinking in all disciplines. The students visited installations by three artists: B. Wurtz - Four Collections; Ruby Sky Stiler - Ghost Versions; and Virginia Poundstone - Flower Mutations.

Each artist exhibited pieces of original work alongside examples of sources of inspiration. In preparation for this visit, each grade studied the materials and concepts behind the work of one of the exhibiting artists in both Art and Science.

Fifth Grade, without knowing anything about the B. Wurtz installation, studied the aluminum pan - its design, its function, the properties of the metal. They pondered the question, “If we hang it on the wall, is it art?” They then took actual aluminum pans and transformed them into art.

Fourth Grade, without knowing the work of Ruby Sky Stiler, studied plaster - as a substance, its chemical reaction, and as a means to reproduce an object, making plaques from collages, and casts of their hands.

Third Graders drew flowers, then used the flower form as a design element in lovely paper quilts. In Science, they revisited the flower experiments they did last year, letting the daisies drink colored water, unwittingly studying the work of Virginia Poundstone.

Look for the Lower School Aldrich Art Installation coming soon in the Library Lobby! And, of course, visit The Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield with your children- they will give you a great tour!

To learn more about Wooster School, visit http://www.woosterschool.org/ or contact Wooster School Admissions at (203) 830-3916.

To learn more about The Aldrich , please visit: http://www.aldrichart.org/ or contact the museum at (203) 438-4519.


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