Local Resident John Patrick Talks Healthcare on Bloomberg Radio

Danbury resident, Internet pioneer, and former Vice President of Internet Technology at IBM, Dr. John R. Patrick was a guest on Bloomberg radio on Sunday, October 11 discussing a subject in which he is well-versed and extremely passionate - healthcare. Patrick is a healthcare expert and author of "Health Attitude Unraveling and Solving the Complexity of Healthcare".

Patrick is doing his part to bring healthcare to the 21st Century and here, he answers some poignant questions our current healthcare system, how it is behind the times, and where he sees the future of healthcare heading. 

Interview highlights:

  • Patrick is asked: "How are all of devices [including robots] going to make healthcare better?" 
  • “When I left IBM, I had been the Vice President of Internet Technology, and I was used to the world where you click and things happen” I found out in Healthcare there is no place to click, it is all clipboards," Patrick recalled.
  • When asked about physicians adapting to technology Patrick remarked, “I wish I could say there has been a big leap forward."


Listen to Patrick on Bloomberg here (please note that the interview starts at the 6:46 minute mark).

Learn more about Health Attitude here. 



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