Day 23: Seattle's Pike's Place Chowder Heads to Chowdafest on October 11

Twenty-three days and counting...today, we bring you Pike's Place Chowder - all the long way from Seattle, WA! "We travel from the west because our chowder is the BEST," they proclaim. We'll see about that on October 11!

Let the Chowdafest countdown begin! Right here on HamletHub for 40 days we will introduce you to 40 local chefs who will dazzle your taste-buds and battle it out on October 11 to earn title of Best of Chowdafest 2015.  

Chowdafest takes place at Sherwood Island State Park (Exit 18 off I-95) in Westport on Sunday October 11.

Watch the video HERE (HamletHub.com/Chowda)

Chowdafest is the premier chowder and soup competition in New England featuring 40 award winning restaurants stretching from Manhattan to Maine! It's a true people's choice event where your votes determine the best chowder, soup and bisque!

Learn more about Chowdafest here. 

Purchase your ticket here.

Tell us who you're rooting for & win a family 4-pack to Chowdafest courtesy of HamletHub!

We invite you to visit our special Chowdafest page where you can VOTE for your favorite Chowdafest participant, purchase tickets, win tickets, and view the videos that are part of our Chowdafest Countdown. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Once on the HamletHub.com/Chowdafest page, click on the "Support" button under one of the featured videos (see image).
  • Click on the button next to any of the restaurants you would like to vote for.
  • We will tally up the votes and let you know the participating restaurants most favored to win.
  • We will enter your name into a drawing to win FREE family 4-pack to this year's Chowdafest.  


  • Only one vote per person please.
  • Make one choice per category
  • You do not have to vote in every category.

Read about the man behind the Chowda here.


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