Wait-listed? AdmissionsCheckup.com Offers Expert Application Review

April 8, 2014 – After spending months visiting colleges, taking standardized exams, filling out applications, and writing essays, you've been wait-listed!!! How could they? But isn't the better question, Why did they?

It is possible to improve one's chances of admission after being deferred or wait-listed. Wilton-based AdmissionsCheckup.com (www.admissionscheckup.com ) is a network of former admissions officers who evaluate prospective students' applications. They provide specific feedback on the application before it is submitted and they can clarify why a student was wait-listed, and possibly help a student get admitted from the wait-list.

Perhaps, unknowingly, the student gave the wrong impression, left too many unanswered questions or neglected to include something important. AdmissionsCheckup.com gives you a fresh perspective; clarifying possible reasons for the student's wait list status and giving the student concrete steps that may help him/her get admitted.

AdmissionsCheckup.com's former admissions officers have, on average, more than eight years of experience in admissions and have been assistant, associates, and directors of admissions at major universities including Bates, Boston University, Bowdoin, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northeastern, Northwestern, Oberlin, Pomona, Princeton, Tufts, University of North Carolina, Williams, and many others.

Stephanie Klein Wassink is the founder of Winning Applications and AdmissionsCheckup.com. For more information, contact skw@AdmissionsCheckup.com or 888-667-6219.

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Submitted by Darien, CT

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