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Why Small Businesses Matter

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You're IT Geary Gallery!

Three questions with Tom Geary, owner of Geary Gallery.

Why did you start your business?

There are several reasons why my wife Anne and I decided to open our business in Darien. We both grew up in Stamford, got married and moved to Florida to open a new type of craft store that included picture framing. After helping the owners get eight 10,000 square foot stores opened, we decided that we wanted to raise our children in Fairfield county where our families were located. Darien was our first choice because of my working experience at the original Rory's in Darien. The people of Darien just always seemed very nice. We started focusing on locations in and around Darien and finally found our current location where we have been operating for the past 34 years. I can honestly say that we have never looked back to second guess our decision.

Best selling product or service?

It's pretty difficult to put your finger on the best selling product as they are different every day. We have framed over 60,000 pieces since we opened in 1984. I guess if I had to put one thing above all else it would be our "special projects" part of the business. We have developed a pretty decent reputation for doing very unusual framing projects. Several of these can be seen on our website.

Do you use any local businesses to support your business? Can you name them?

As a rule, we try to use as many local businesses as possible. We use the UPS Store on a regular basis as well as EPOD, Fairfield County Bank, Rory's, Wine Port, Grieb's, Baubles, Darien Barber and Vernal's. I guess it would be pretty easy to get things online be we won't do that.

Geary Gallery is located at 576 Boston Post Road in Darien. Visit them online here.

Geary Gallery tags Tim from Wineport of Darien!


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