Local Photographer Embarks on Front Steps Project on behalf of The Darien Foundation and Corbin Cares

Katharine Calderwood of Calderwood Digital takes positive action during the pandemic by using her photography skills.

April 6, 2020 – As many are suffering, shut-in, and / or feeling disconnected during the pandemic, local photographer, Katharine Calderwood decided to use her skills toward a positive end.

“Obviously, this hits home for so many of us, and I was trying to figure what I could do, and how I could help,” shared Katharine Calderwood. “I came across a local initiative in Massachusetts where a photographer was capturing families on their ‘front step’ from a socially safe distance with a long lens.” 

Inspired by the story, Calderwood pitched the idea of doing The Front Steps Project in Darien to Ward Glassmeyer, Chairman, and Sarah Woodberry, Executive Director of The Darien Foundation. Calderwood works with The Darien Foundation and wanted to support them, as well as their efforts related to Corbin Cares.

The Corbin Cares initiative launched on Monday, March 30, and provides 30-35 safe and healthy lunches prepared by local restaurants each day for seniors, as well as dinners for approximately 75 families suffering from food insecurity. The Darien Foundation recently canceled their annual Yacht Rock On benefit, enabling them to re-channel funds and overall support to this initiative. 

“When Katharine approached us, we were beyond impressed and supportive,” said Ward Glassmeyer, who has since posed with his family. “The Front Steps Project enables people to see one another without getting close. It will help residents feel a sense of community during these difficult times.” The project is open to anyone who would like to sign up.

Residents can book their time on Calderwood’s website (below) and she will come to their house with a long telephoto lens and shoot the family / residents photo at 20- 40 ‘ away. “It takes under five minutes, dogs are welcomed and slippers are encouraged,” jokes Calderwood. “I love that I can raise awareness and donations for these terrific organizations while also capturing some small moments of everyday joy for our town’s families.”

In exchange for the photos, Calderwood requests that subjects make a good faith donation to The Darien Foundation, which will go directly to families within  the town of Darien, or to Corbin Cares, which will serve the greater community.

About The Front Steps Project
#TheFrontStepsProject aims to highlight the faces of our community during a time when we might not see them in passing around town. In exchange for taking a quick family portrait at residents’ homes from a safe social distance using a long lens, participants are asked to make a good faith donation to either the Darien Foundation to support Corbin Cares meals for the food insecure within Darien, or to the Corbin Cares GoFundMe Campaign to support meals for the food insecure in our neighboring communities.

Note: The Darien Foundation is a 501c3 public charity and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Donations made to Corbin Cares are not tax-deductible.

To arrange the shoot, please visit, click here

For more information about The Front Steps Project, please visit: https://www.thefrontstepsproject.com/

Submitted by Darien, CT

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