Learn Men's Self-Defense at Darien Library

For guys only: learn self-defense skills that will prepare you for whatever comes your way. This session will give you the knowledge, skills, awareness, and confidence you might need in case you encounter a physical confrontation. Students will learn how to effectively use their hands, elbows, and knees to convince an aggressor that they are not a target. Additionally, they will learn how to dissolve and escape from various grabs and chokes. The goal is to get you home safe, not fight. Because there is never a bad time to learn self-defense!

About Wing Tsun Kung-fu

Wing Tsun kung-fu is a fighting system that will work for anyone. Developed by a female in order to exploit larger and stronger attackers, Wing Tsun is based on a set of fighting principles and force principles, rather than strength and brute force. Instead of flashy and big movements we focus on using simple, direct, and effective movements based on simple body mechanics rather than stiff techniques.

About the Instructor

Sifu Elliot Leung’s formal Wing Chun training began in the early 1970’s with Sifu Peter Chow on Atlantic Street in Stamford until the instructor’s abrupt disappearance. Later during college, Elliot studied Tang Soo Do. After reaching the rank of red belt in almost two years, Elliot decided not to take his test for black belt. There was still something missing that only Wing Tsun could offer.

In 2002 Elliot came upon a phone number in a martial arts magazine. After making an appointment with the instructor, Elliot watched the instructor’s movements and listened to his explanations. Impressed by the breadth of knowledge and skill of the instructor, Elliot immediately committed to be his student. To this day Elliot Leung is proud to call Alex Richter, ‘SiFu’.

After years of rigorous training and study under his Sifu, Elliot reached the rank of Wing Tsun Technician (2) and was able to open his own School in Stamford, where his journey first began. Club Kung Fu was born, and Sifu Leung has lead countless students to better themselves through the simple, direct, and effective art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Submitted by Darien, CT

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