Darien Library Presents The Art of Seed Saving with "The Seed Huntress"

Darien Library Presents The Art of Seed Saving with "The Seed Huntress" on Monday, September 21, 2020 from 7 to 8 pm

An online event. Register on Darien Library's website.

Sefra Alexandra, "The Seed Huntress," will discuss her work with seed saving for conservation, multiplication and distribution. This work supports seed sovereignty through the different initiatives she's worked on at the local, national, and international scales.

She'll look at the importance of in situ (in place) seed banking and of ex situ (cold storage) seed saving strategies. Both of these methods are important for safeguarding seed biodiversity of our wild and cultivated lands. Save seeds - seeds save!

About The Presenter

Sefra Alexandra "The Seed Huntress," is an endurance race ethnobotanist on a perennial expedition to save the seeds of our wild + cultivated lands. She has fortified community seed banks internationally on island nations after natural disasters, conducted fieldwork in the South Pacific as a Genebank Impacts Fellow for the Crop Trust, hunted for rare endangered seeds for Seeds of Success in Idaho, revived the local allium heirloom The Southport Globe Onion by starting a seed library and is now the lead of CT NOFA's pollinator health initiative The Ecotype Project.

She has just returned from the inaugural BOATanical Expedition. This was an 87-mile canoe journey down Connecticut's Quinnitukqut River. She planted 500 native plants in pollinator gardens as she "paddled for the pollinators!"

Sefra Alexandra is a WINGS WorldQuest Flag Carrier, member of the Explorers Club + holds her M.A.T. in Agroecology from Cornell University.

This program will take place on Zoom. All registrants will be emailed the link.

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Register on Darien Library's website for this online event.


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