Darien Library Presents Nourishing the Nervous System: Herbs for Stress and Anxiety

Nora Toomey, Clinical Herbalist of True Bloom, will explain how you can use plants to help relieve your stress and anxiety. Each participant will receive a relaxing tea blend which can be picked up at Darien Library starting Monday, November 16. Register on Darien Library’s website at darienlibrary.org/events for this virtual program on Monday, November 23 at 7 p.m.

About Nora Toomey

Nora Toomey is a Clinical Herbalist and Herbal Medicine Maker. She completed a 1,000-hour Apprenticeship and Clinical Certification program at the Berkeley Herbal Center, and now she is a full-time plant person with her hands in the dirt most days! She is the co-owner of a sound and plant wellness company, Flower and Frequency, and also runs a clinical practice and herbal product line, True Bloom. Currently, she lives on Nipmuc and Pocumtuc land in Western Massachusetts with her husband, Josh, and their cat, Stevie Nicks.



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