Darien Library Explores Stress-Free Meal Prepping on September 21

Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore are excited to present an event with “no-rules wellness” blogger Cassy Joy Garcia about meal prepping.

Struggling with headaches, chronic pain, and an addiction to restrictive diets, Cassy Joy Garcia decided to finally break the yo-yo dieting cycle. Over several years, she healed her body, gut, and mind with delicious and satisfying meals and the occasional indulgence.

In celebration of her latest cookbook, Cook Once Dinner Fix, a collection of 120 delicious recipes aimed at getting dinner on the table quickly and without stress, Cassy is joining Darien Library and Barrett bookstore to share strategic time-and-money-saving hacks and healthy meal prep tips.

This virtual program will take place on Tuesday, September 21 at 10 a.m. Register on Darien Library’s website at www.darienlibrary.org/event/5222.

About Cassy Joy Garcia

Cassy Joy Garcia is the best-selling author of Cook Once Eat All Week and the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed + Fit.

Eager to share her healthy living secrets with the world, she started Fed + Fit in 2011. Since then, she became a holistic nutrition consultant and transitioned her personal blog into a tremendously supportive and nimble online wellness editorial, backed by a small but mighty team of writers, researchers, and editors.

After realizing that her own struggles to get a healthy homemade dinner on the table overlapped with the same struggles experienced by her readers, she decided that there must be a better way. The Cook Once method was born, and it has revolutionized how people cook.

She lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband and two children.


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