Darien Community Association Goes Behind the Scenes of Frontline Healthcare with Emily Fawcett, Choosing Hope Over Despair

Darien Community Association’s Information and Inspiration Presentations will Feature “Behind the Scenes of Frontline Healthcare: Emily Fawcett on Choosing Hope Over Despair”

Information and Inspiration presentations are gatherings open to all to elevate your knowledge and broaden your intelligence, while also providing an opportunity to connect with others. The Darien Community Association has partnered with authors, business entrepreneurs, and specialists on travel, culture, and the arts.

This Darien Community Association (DCA) Information and Inspiration will feature “Behind the Scenes of Frontline Healthcare: Emily Fawcett on Choosing Hope Over Despair” on Tuesday, September 21 at 11:00am.

Our speaker will be a Darien native, Emily Fawcett, a nurse returning September 19 from Haiti, where she is helping with earthquake disaster relief. Emily was an EMT with Post 53 when she attended DHS (class of ’07). After graduation from the University of Pennsylvania’s nursing program, Emily worked in Africa and Lenox Hill Hospital where she continues to be on the frontline of NYC’s Covid pandemic.

Emily will be giving her talk in person about healthcare during trying times in challenging circumstances in Africa, Haiti and NYC. She has been interviewed by Oprah, and has both international and Darien fans.

This virtual event is $30 per person, or $20 for DCA members. Prepayment is required by Monday, September 20. Register online at dariendca.org or 203-655-9050 extension 10.


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