Spring Awakening for Your Face

After a long winter, your skin may be a little less than luminous.  We all know that facials are good for increasing the vibrancy of our skin, however, sometimes it is hard to know what sort of facial we should ask for at the salon or spa.  Do we need a peel to perk our skin up? I sat down with Rhea Souhleris Grous, owner of La Suite Skincare, to understand what we should know about facials and peels.

Rhea is a skin care specialist who has been practicing esthetics for over two decades.  She spent ten years at Bliss Spa in Manhattan, where she was the head esthetician and the most-requested.  Eight years ago she opened La Suite Skincare in Greenwich.  Clients are dedicated to her for her custom facials.  She encourages all visitors to the salon to bring their at home regime so that she can help them make tweaks to meet their personal skin care needs.

Rhea, what should we know about facials?

"Well, time of year matters.  For spring into summer I recommend lactic peels for my clients.  Glycolic peels are wonderful too.  At La Suite Skincare we analyze your skin to determine the best formulation for your specific skin type."

What is the difference between a lactic peel and glycolic peel?

"Lactic peels really hydrate the skin and get you glowing.  They increase luminosity and target hyper-pigmentation. Lactic peels are optimal for dry, maturing or sensitive skin."

And glycolic peels?

"Glycolic peels soften fine lines and wrinkles.  They are terrific for retexturizing the skin.  They also improve skins' overall pigmentation."

How important are peels in the facial repertoire?

"Very!  Peels encourage mild exfoliation which helps the skin regenerate.  They stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin.  This increases firmness and elasticity while softening fine lines and wrinkles."

How will I look after a peel?

"The beauty of our peels is there is no 'downtime'.  Results are immediately visible and they improve with each peel session."

If you are looking to put your best face forward this spring, book yourself a facial that includes a peel.  Your skin will thank you.

La Suite Skincare is located at 270 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT | (203)861-7338.  For more skin tips and beauty inspiration, you can visit their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.



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