Eversource Tree Work in Darien Begins, Continues for Several Days

Eversource Clearing Trees Dangerously Close to Transmission Lines in Darien

Eversource will be conducting emergency tree work starting today to address an immediate safety hazard in the company’s transmission right of way in Darien and a threat to electric service in lower Fairfield County.

The energy company will be trimming trees that have grown so close to the high voltage transmission lines that they are an imminent risk to the reliability to the electric system. These trees are creating an emergency situation, not only posing a serious threat to system reliability but also the safety of residents living nearby. 

An Eversource vegetation management team member discovered the problem with the transmission line along Littlebrook Road on Thursday. Thousands of customers rely on these transmission lines for their electricity - particularly during the hot summer, when demand for electricity peaks.

Eversource had formally proposed the removal of these incompatible trees, but neighbors raised concerns which put the removal on hold.  The removals will now occur under emergency conditions to prevent further safety hazards. 

Work to trim the trees will begin Friday morning, June 11 and will continue for several days until the area is made safe.


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