Town of Darien Announces Purchase of Great Island Property

On Monday, June 27th the Darien RTM voted in favor of purchasing the 60-acre Great Island property for $103 million dollars.

The vote passed with “68” yes votes, “13” no votes, and “0” abstentions.

During the creation of the 2016 Town Plan of Conservation and Development, residents communicated their desires for the acquisition of available open space in Darien. This purchase respects that community input, and it was a key basis for engaging in the initial bidding for the property.

This purchase has always been about what we believe the majority of community members would like to see for Darien and its future. Like the input that became the foundation for the POCD, we sought and received public comment on Great Island. People recognized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially for a town that is 97% developed. Some people spoke to the appreciation of the coastal environmental and others spoke to the cost. Every question, every suggestion, every comment was considered.

We did not get to choose the timing of this bold purchase, but we believe this investment will benefit generations of Darien residents. Will we ever wish we had less land? I don’t think anyone believes that’s the case. Land is precious and Great Island represents a rare opportunity. As time progresses we will begin to consider, as a community, how to use the property.

The Town will continue to examine all aspects of the property throughout the 75 day due diligence process, which concludes on August 6, 2022.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone who engaged in the purchase process.

*Image courtesy Realtor.com


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