Introducing RVNAhealth’s Wellness Academy

With the arrival of September comes the visual images and reminders of back to school. Whether you are young, or young in spirit, RVNAhealth believes in learning for life! As such, RVNAhealth is excited to unveil an exciting and full lineup of fall health and wellness learning opportunities.

We are pleased to offer everything from ongoing classes and support groups to one-time educational offerings. And with all that's going on, we thought we'd give everyone a heads up on our new upcoming communications to keep our communities better informed of all that RVNAhealth has to offer! 

RVNAhealth is pleased to introduce its Wellness Academy - our new way of organizing and communicating RVNAhealth's expert-led offerings.
Our fall calendar is already packed with a variety of classes, support groups, and more, held at our RVNAhealth offices in Ridgefield and New Milford, as well as out in the community with partner organizations. Our Wellness Academy lineup includes RVNAhealth employee experts covering a broad range of topics such as Nutrition, Neuropathy, Parkinson's, Healthy Living, Strength and Balance, and Bereavement. There are many free special-interest events and support groups, as well as some ongoing, pay-as-you-go, fitness and wellness classes.
"We are excited to be able to bring such a broad and dynamic lineup of in-person classes and gatherings back to our communities. Our RVNAhealth team brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and we are all excited to open our doors and welcome the public back into our offices," says Kim Cafiero, Director of Marketing.

For those already subscribed to RVNAhealth’s newsletter, be on the lookout for our fall Wellness Academy special edition newsletter. You can always find the latest information on available classes and events and new programs on the RVNAhealth calendar.

To subscribe to RVNAhealth’s newsletter, you can do so at https://rvnahealth.org/newsletter-signup/.





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