Fairfield County Bank donates $5,000 to The Norwalk Art Space

Fairfield County Bank donated $5,000 to the Norwalk Art Space.

The Norwalk Art Space was founded and designed by Alexandra Davern Korry, a New York City M&A Lawyer, educator, civil rights advocate, and Westport resident. Korry aimed to create an art space that would enhance educational opportunities for under-served students, promote under-represented local artists, and provide the public a space to enjoy art and music.

Korry, unfortunately, passed away in 2020 before construction was completed. Her vision was brought to completion by her husband, Robin Panovka, and is honored in the name of The Norwalk Art Space’s building, the ADK House.

“We are thrilled to begin a relationship with The Norwalk Art Space,” said Vice President and Branch Manager Isaac Walcott of the Broad River office. “I was honored when asked to join their advisory board, and I look forward to working closely with the Norwalk community through the Art Space.”

In addition to providing free, high-caliber art education to high school students, Norwalk Art Space also selects four “emerging” artists to participate in the Resident Artist program. These Resident Artists receive their own art studio and free exhibition space, in exchange for teaching the weekly art classes. Part of Fairfield County Bank’s donation will go towards supporting these free art classes for high school students.

To learn more about the Norwalk Art Space, visit https://www.thenorwalkartspace.org/.


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